Be Gentle With Yourself

Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves in ways that we’d never be on anyone else. It may seem like we’re pushing ourselves to be better, when really all we’re doing is beating ourselves up. If we really want to move forward, being gentle with ourselves is actually more productive.


A Thousand Words Paint A Picture

In my head
there is a landscape 
I paint with words. 

Close your eyes
and follow me
into the woods where
a trickling stream
becomes a babbling brook 
with bubbles and pebbles
swirling and twirling 
with eddies and currents 
until it runs
into a large, roaring, raging river
and the rushing water falls over the edge
of a cliff
foaming and spraying.

There are tall trees, on which the leaves,
lush and verdant, rustle in the breeze.
In the tallest tree, 
is a platform on which
you can stand
looking down
view the canopy
like a gentle green sea. 

At dawn
the sky is filled with flying colours 
passing through wispy white clouds 
and a rainbow that rises
leading to a pot of gold riches
at the end.

There's a cottage with a room 
and in that room a bed.
Sunlight streams through the window
bright, pale and yellow
and outside the window 
in a field of flowers
stands a lone clock tower.

I sit atop that tower
with the wind in my face
birdsong in my ears
lilting and lyrical
and look with appreciation
on my creation.

In the outside world 
a picture paints 
a thousand words
But in my head 
a thousand words 
paint an enchanting picture.

© Christine Ooi 2020

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on