A Thousand Words Paint A Picture

In my head
there is a landscape 
I paint with words. 

Close your eyes
and follow me
into the woods where
a trickling stream
becomes a babbling brook 
with bubbles and pebbles
swirling and twirling 
with eddies and currents 
until it runs
into a large, roaring, raging river
and the rushing water falls over the edge
of a cliff
foaming and spraying.

There are tall trees, on which the leaves,
lush and verdant, rustle in the breeze.
In the tallest tree, 
is a platform on which
you can stand
looking down
view the canopy
like a gentle green sea. 

At dawn
the sky is filled with flying colours 
passing through wispy white clouds 
and a rainbow that rises
leading to a pot of gold riches
at the end.

There's a cottage with a room 
and in that room a bed.
Sunlight streams through the window
bright, pale and yellow
and outside the window 
in a field of flowers
stands a lone clock tower.

I sit atop that tower
with the wind in my face
birdsong in my ears
lilting and lyrical
and look with appreciation
on my creation.

In the outside world 
a picture paints 
a thousand words
But in my head 
a thousand words 
paint an enchanting picture.

© Christine Ooi 2020

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com

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